February 15, 2013

Black Brant and Brent Geese

Martello tower , Aughinish
Pale-bellied Brent Geese heading to  the fields in Munnia 

 Black Brant in  flock of 275+ Pale-bellied Geese
Thursday I spent the day looking for the Black Brant that had been seen with Brent Geese near Newquay on the north coast of Clare
I checked the fields around  the shorelines , the reefs and the Loughs from Finvarra to Aughinish , plenty of Brent geese and other local birds but no Brant.
In the afternoon  small flocks of geese started to head to a field in Munnia where I was waiting. I had  been patient and sure enough the Black Brant joined the flock of 275+

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