June 17, 2014

Black tailed Skimmer

 My family and I were out on The Burren near Carron on one of our nature treks
We were watching Black tailed Skimmers copulating in the air and on the limestone.
           Quite a specticle. Children .....Consider it.... evolution on the wing, in motion, right before your eyes.

 The male is the blue one ."The things we all learn"
 He must grip a female by the head or thorax and hold her in the tandem position, with claspers at the tip of his abdomen that fit neatly, like a lock and key, with a special plate on her thorax or behind her eyes.
Once the pair is in tandem, and the female is receptive, she will curl the tip of her abdomen around working the pair into that heartlike copulatory position.

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