April 21, 2015

Perfect surf out west

This a was weekend of perfect surf  in the west.
For some perfect surf was riding the big waves of Aileens and Rileys with surf god and living legend  Hawaiian Shane Dorian.
For others perfect surf was a day at the beach with hot weather on there day off work
For others the swell and size was perfect, the wind was offshore and the sun was out.
For myself it was head down after work for a late evening session as the crowds thinned and grabbing a few set waves as the sun went down

Jeff Copner (photo -Paul Copner)
A perfect wave goes unridden
Jeff Copner  -Set Wave (photo Paul Copner)
Lefts into Lahinch bay
Billy Ballycotton
Unknown surfer

The monday morning the swell was smaller but the lines kept coming through producing waves with good shape
The beach right
Small perfect waves spinning of cornish on a monday morning

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