April 16, 2015

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl
 There had been occasional sightings and reports of a Snowy Owl by Burren walkers over the past year.Saturday it was seen again
I couldnt let it lie. So i set out in search of the needle in the haystack.
I got to  the peak of Cappnawalla mountain.
Through my binoculars a white shape moved from behind a slate , my heart pumped. I grounded myself behind a wall , what to do?
I came round a small ridge to get a bit closer and so the light was behind me."The bird was watching me".
The Snowy Owl was taking shade behind the slate from the hot day
The climb ,the exploration,the environment I was in , the reason I was here ,a life time dream was taking place.

my 1st sighting


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