December 26, 2018

Salgados Lagoon , Algarve, Portugal

A glorious wetlands teaming with birdlife with easy access and a boardwalk along the southern end of the reedbeds.
The 1st hide is a disgrace but the 2nd gives great views from the west end.
Birding highlights seen here during 2 visits
Audouins Gull, Lesser black backed Gulls, Med Gulls, 6 Caspain Tern,  4 Penduline Tits, 2 Bluethroats, Cragg Martins, Marsh Harrier, Purple Swamphen, Flamingo, Avocet, Ruff, Blackwits, Glossy Ibis, White Storks, Black headed Weaver, Fan tailed Warblers, Shoveler,  Pochard, Coot , Cattle Egret, Grey Herons, Cormorants, Common Sandpipers, Chiffchaffs and Hoopoe plus a rare Greenshank.

Glossy Ibis

Black winged Stilt
Caspain Tern
Audouins Gull
Penduline Tit

Marsh Harrier

Cettis Warbler
Cattle Egret

Black headed Weaver
Fan tailed Warbler


  1. Nice photos. You made one slip though- you've inadvertently called the Caspian Tern a Caspian Gull!

  2. Thanks Conehead. not the 1st slip up with my wording.
    have a cone for me


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