July 20, 2019

Gleninagh Mt , North Burren

When a report of a Snowy Owl sighting comes from the Burren ,I generally try to make an effort to go to the area and hope to see Her.
Ive seen Her in the past and will always have the desire to find and experience  her again.
I stick to my old quote:
 "If you dont go, You dont see
If you dont look , You cant find"
Here are some photos and views of area of Gleninagh mt at the north of the Burren.
Snowy Owl habitat. 
 Its hard going on the loose wet limestone rocks, its a silent world, Goats appear in the Mist, mad selections of wildflowers, a Silver washed Fritilary  floats past .
A family of Wheatear and a few Whitethroat were the best of the small birds
 A Sparrowhawk was carrying prey to a nest in low hazel, a pair of Kestrels were hunting together. Silence was broken by my steps and the Croaks from the Raven, but no Owl was seen today.

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