July 15, 2019

Falcon fly over Lickeen Lake

On my way back from the Burren, I was driving near Lickeen Lake on the high rd to the south.
This Falcon circled above me, I managed to get 2 shots off before I lost the bird.
I pulled the shadows out of the photo to show what I believed to a Hobby and that I believe to be a 2nd CY or 3rd Summer bird.
Could it be my 2nd for the county and 5th Hobby this year.

Or is it some other species of Falcon???

Now, a day later and through the help and interest from friends, Mentors and outside influences we have a conclusion that the bird is of Generel Kestrel shape and in active primary moult, making it odd,weird looking, yet interesting to say the least.

Heading update from Hobby to Falcon.

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