October 13, 2020

Otter at lunch at Lough Atedaun

 I was out at Lough Atedaun just after midday with my 2yr old daughter having a snack, there is a gap in between the trees on the west side of the carpark that I birdwatch through. I could see 4 Mute Swans were staring at the same swampy flood patch then an Otter climbed a rock  `sniffing``....

It entered back into the water and headed in our direction moving through the submerged grasses and reeds, the  Mute Swans moved off togeher..checking behind ( they reminded me of 4 surfers that had seen a Shark on the inside).

Again the Otter came out up on a rock in front of us..sniffing...sniffing, it seemed to have no problem with us, and I was talking to a child! with a few "sshhhhhss and "Come heres" put in. The Otter then swam straight under me , to close to photo made its way to land where it sniffed out a dead bird ,which I think was a Lapwing. I devoured it bones and all in front of me, before being scared of by a Spaniel.  

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