December 14, 2023

Dartford Warbler .Gower Wales

 I was visiting family and friends during the morning when suddenly I was granted a few hours to my self.

I headed to Cefn Bryn on the Gower, an upland heath with Gorse patches that was up behind a friends home, where I believed I could find Dartford Warbler,  a species that has re established residency in south Wales but still remains one of Wales rarest breeding birds

   I had tried looking in other locations where they have been seen previous over the last few visits home to Wales with no joy.

The !Bryn! was quiet, wet, yet the day had improved. I geared up and took a walk into the horse tracks watching for movement, listening for any calls.

My path opened up and I stopped as I found some impenetrable low fresh Gorse , this time movement caught my eye, and set back  in the thicket a Male Dartford Warbler showed a few times for me as he checked me out.. I adjusted my light angle.

This time I was fortunate to come across a pair holding Territory . Once I was checked out they both moved back deep into the Gorse thicket.



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