January 7, 2024

Slender billed Gulls -Faro

 A walk up toward the end of the beach Island of Praia de Faro you come to the start of deserted sandbanks of Barrinha beach that offer shelter and safety to thousands of Gulls. Flamingos, Cormorants and Waders. I was hoping for a new Gull. 

A fisherman walks past, and keeps walking, I keep an eye on him in the scope as hes heading toward a far away sandbank containing loads of birds. I waited

There was plenty of Audouin`s Gulls with the Thousands of  Yellow legged and Lesser Blacked Gulls to go through . Caspain Tern and Sandwitch Tern were also available.

Up they go in the distance [thanks fisherman}with a good few gulls coming my way. 1 adult Slender-billed Gull past me and I wasnt `100% sure then and I picked up 8 Slender-billed Gulls in the scope as they approached  they flew onto the sandbanks that I was viewing , they stayed a bit distant but decent scope views and an opportunity for some phoneskoping.


With 8 possible Slender billed Gull heading my way.. its not until now that Im home checking my photos to find an Osprey on the sandbank...A life at the shoreline.


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