January 8, 2024

The Gulls of Ria Formosa NP sandbanks Faro Portugal

 Just south of Faro are miles of deserted beach and back beach that holds a great concentration of Gulls, Cormorants, Flamingos, Terns and waders.

Even though this in walking distance from the Hotel ,Its an area that is off the beaten track and an area that I saw from the plane a few years back and wanted to check out.

Mostly this area is inaccessible, mainly covered by boat and birdwatching tours out of Faro, but for a hardy coastal lad like myself the draw of so many Gulls are worth the walk with Scope and backpack. When the road ends at Praia de Faro village a boardwalk carries on for over a mile then its sand trekking at Barrihina beach Ilha de Faro and sandbanks that go out of sight.

Yellow legged Gulls and Audouin`s Gull

Nice flock of Audouins Gull with over 50 birds on an outer bank

Lesser Black backed Gulls and Audouin`s Gulls

Audouin`s Gull in flight

Audouin`s Gull and Yellow legged Gulls

Great black backed Gull sub adult locally scarce

Yellow legged Gull adult

Yellow legged Gull 1st winter

Slender billed Gull flight

Slender billed Gulls

Lets not forget the Caspain Terns

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